Days of our lives.

Thing is there are all sorts of ‘gluttony’. In our case it’s that we are gluttons for punishment… or it seems so.

Take today for example. The wife and I were up at 5:00 and can look forward to a day of work. The wife earning a crust… me trying to spend it and keep the house clean at the same time. The kids decided they’d also get up early so were wandering around at 5:30. The little one working on a small project… the elder one deciding she wanted to walk to the bus stop with us and the dogs.

So after this early start what do we look forward to? Well in school this arvo the eldest one has to go to a small acting class til 5:00, the youngest to tae-kwon-do. After school the youngest goes to Girl Guides and the eldest does her homework. The wife will get home around 7:00 and normally we’d have dinner… a bit late to eat really but still.

Tonight the school is running a ‘parents evening’ for those of us with kids in Year 6 who will be moving up to High School next year. Do we need to go? No idea really. In the past these things have been a waste of time but we’ve attended on a ‘just in case’ basis. This one might be more use because it might be telling us things we need to know in order to prepare her (and ourselves) for next year.

On the other hand I really don’t want to spend two hours or more up there hearing drivel. I wish the school could have made a bit more effort and given us some sort of ‘agenda’ so we could decide if it was worth attending.

This year is the school’s 25th Anniversary so a lot of their ‘casual’ evenings have revolved around fund raising efforts… and I’ve this nagging suspicion this will be another one of those evenings… but we can’t take that chance.

Life is competitive and we want to try to give the kids what advantage we can to make it out in the world. We have to go even if it is a waste of time… just in case it isn’t 🙂

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