Slip sliding away…

There are times I seriously worry myself and what’ll become of me cos the mind is slowly disappearing… drip… drip… drip. 🙂

My mother is an example of what old age might be like for me… ok… older age but I think I’m on my way there at some speed! So what’s brought this latest revelation to the forefront of my wonky consciousness? Well… I found the bag!

Seems I’d gone into Target shopping with the wife… and feeling already shaky took one of my tablets to wake me up. Before it worked, I wandered off to get a new trackie jacket and t-shirt then hung the bag on the rack. Once I picked out the one I wanted… a shapeless grey number… I took it back to the trolley and the wife… leaving the bag behind.

As with many other things in my life currently… this is a worry!! I have to ask myself what the hell am I going to do next??

Now I have to go call the police to explain and apologize for wasting their time… how embarrassment.

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