Ronnie Biggs – should he be free now?

No doubt Ronnie Biggs was a robbing bastard and he led Scotland Yard on a merry dance for 36 years travelling around the world ending up in Brazil after a brief sojourn in Australia. Eventually, old, broke and sick, he decided to return to the UK to finish off the remaining 28 years of his sentence.

He might have thought the intervening years of exile from his home country might have earned him a reduction in his sentence… or make he thought being old and sick might sway the Home Office. In both cases he was very wrong and since his return to the UK in 2001 he’s been banged up in Belmarsh Prison getting older and sicker.

Ronnie Biggs

Question is… whether justice is really being served by keeping this sad old man in custody any longer? The guy will after all be 78 this year and bedridden. Surely it isn’t that much to ask that old grievances be relaxed if not forgotten and he be released to the care of his son Michael?

Restrictions can be placed on him by all means… but is it really necessary to keep him banged up? Can he *really* be any danger to society now? Or is he just being kept in out of bureaucratic vengeance for his making a fool out of the government for all those years??

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