Yet another 'one of those days'.

Yes, I have been a bit quiet lately. The oldies left on Friday so we were all a bit upset about that. In addition nobody from the family was at the wife’s MBA Graduation Ceremony to watch her get her degree because the kids were in school… and I was taking the oldies to the airport. Bit of a disappointment after four years hard slog but she did at least come home with the piece of paper saying she’s done it.

So after a bad start the weekend arrived.

Off we went to the shops to get needed things… no idea what since the events following drove everything else out of my mind. Still, to give you some background, we walked into a few shops and after an hour or so I began to feel the need for a cup of something to liven me up. I took one of my tablets and we headed for the restaurant.

Shopping, as usual, was in a trolley so we were asked to leave it outside. I asked the girl if that was safe and she gave a pretty noncommittal response. In retrospect I can see why. We ate, facing the trolley, got up, paid and left. We shared out the contents of the trolley… the wife went off to check out coats… I went off to pay the remainder of the cost of my pre-ordered Harry Potter book. Then we met up, and went home.
Later on I remembered I’d bought a desktop cradle for the JasJam and went off to get it. It was only *then* I realised my bag was missing.

In many ways this bag is the same as a ladies handbag in that because I look after the kids, I carry everything I might need around with me. This ‘everything’ ranges from hypo-allergenic plasters for the youngest… to all my credit cards, membership cards for places we visit regularly, cash (though not a lot luckily), my medication including the Epi-Pen, Phenergan and Modafinil tablets, and unfortunately the password to the online access for my credit union account. Not good to say the least.

Because I knew more or less when and where the thing went missing, I went off to the Mall this morning to see if perhaps I’d left it behind when we left and they’d retrieved it. Sadly the answer to that was no. I went off to report it to the police but of course the chances of getting *any* of the bags contents returned is minimal.

It’s not been a good weekend all in all.

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