One down – two to go

The first of the old computers has been fixed and works again… how long for is anyone’s guess since I really don’t know what happened to it to begin with. I have this horrible feeling that it was an upgrade that caused the problems since all three machines seemed to lose the hard drives within a few days… but I suppose I’ll never know.
Either way I spent yesterday evening reinstalling XP on the Toshiba 5200. It took longer than the others because it also needed a new DVD burner… the third it’s had in as many years. To be honest I only repaired it because my father was considering taking it back to the UK to use instead of having to leave the comfort of the lounge… and my mother… to go to his study. After it was fixed he decided it might be better to buy a new one at home and take advantage of any warranty etc… which was fair enough, though I wish he’d said *before* we paid for it 🙂

Anyway, having spent the money on it I figured I ought to fix it first, especially since it was easiest to do. There wasn’t any ‘mission critical’ data on it so just needed a format and reinstall. Of course, there are still the other two machines to look at… one of which has three years of unbacked up data… I never learn 😦 so will be treated with kid gloves until I can be sure of getting it back or accepting it’s gone forever.

Actually I still have to find someone who can extract the data from a 360Gb disk I bought to back up our photos and which the eldest daughter knocked onto the floor… and wrecked. It has *all* our digital photos on it for the past six years so needs close examination before it’s discarded. I’m not competent to fix that sort of disk problem so I’ve made no attempt at all to access it other than connecting it to two different machines in a vain attempt to communicate with it.

Still… back to it… they won’t fix themselves… yet 🙂

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