Two more days!

The oldies fly out on Friday back to the questionable warmth of the UK summer. Gonna be quiet here for a few months… but no doubt they’ll be back for Christmas. The old man is already saying he’ll be flying out on December 3rd, but who knows what’ll happen between now and then.
We celebrated his 86th birthday just a few days ago with a simple chicken dinner, a cake with one candle (in case all 86 set off the fire alarms) and a very nice bottle of 2003 Wolf Blass Chardonnay. Could be worse. šŸ™‚

One question that now appears is what to do with the downstairs living room we’ve been using while they were here. We usually live upstairs and there is far too much stuff filling the room currently. We can’t do anything too drastic in case they actually *do* make it back here… on the other hand we need to make best use of space. Not sure what to do right now… maybe just pile the furniture up in a corner and ignore it for 6 months?

We’ve also tried to make the space usable for the kids to be able to do their homework, to make it a bit more ‘academic’ feeling again. We have new desks, we just need to sort out a configuration that will allow us all to work and not get under each others feet at the same time.

Dunno what to do really… still thinking that one over.

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