Stream of consciousness

As I sit here rambling away I occasionally sit and wonder who apart from me actually reads any of it and why they really think. I know the wife does, and occasionally the Phantom, my sister and my nephew Mark. No idea who else really… even though we’re getting 400 – 500 hits a day.

(Hello out there whoever you are… want to leave a message to say hi maybe?)

Anyway, what started this off was wondering what people actually thought of the site and my rambling. It might be a bit introspective in some ways but that’s really the nature of blogging, and of course because of the way I write. In general, I get an idea, sit down and let it flow and usually I end up with something entirely different to my original intention.

This stream of consciousness stuff is quite strange. Time after time I’ve started on one topic… written something… then had to go back over the whole post because the end makes a nonsense of the beginning (whaddya mean aren’t all my posts like that? charming!!).

This was very nearly one of those posts. I started off wondering what people thought, drifted into looking up my stats, and then for some reason I started thinking of (and writing about!) the final episode of Seinfeld… where they get sent to prison for a year. Where that came from I can’t say… but I stuffed it back away again quickly. When I look back over my stuff I find some of the messages hard enough to read as it is.

Anyway – can’t continue along this stream… my parents are up and doing and my mother is telling my father off. 🙂

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