Freebie photo storage – nice!!

Now here is a *really* nice little freebie!!

Not content with giving you 2.5 Gigabytes of free email, Google are now providing all users with a minimum 1 Gigabyte free storage for photos.

Basically you download their free photo organiser Picasa 2 and join up with the free Web Album service. To use it, you click on the photos you want to upload, give them a tagline or description if you like (or you could do it later) … and click upload. It’s all taken care of for you which makes it simple even for me!

Albums can be made private or public and the url’s sent to friends, family, prospective employers etc and… if you like… set up a catalogue of goods to show off to potential customers!

If you want to upgrade you can get 7 Gigabytes for just US$25 a year… which just has to be good value. Obviously I like this idea… if it’s free and easy to use. I’m in!!

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