The way forward?

A new advance (?) at the Mayo Clinic is the workstation treadmill. This new device finally and literally makes people able to work whilst losing weight. The idea is simply that you work whilst you walk on a specially designed workstation attached to a conventional treadmill.

According to researchers who admit they weren’t exactly over zealous in measuring calorie usage, users could lose up to 35 kilos in a year by using the device.

Treadmill workstation

What springs to mind when I look at this is to question whether the Mayo Clinic gone far enough with this concept?.

Why not make the treadmill a purely mechanical device, i.e. *not* electric powered and force users to generate their *own* power thereby saving the company money, improving green credentials *and* increasing the general level of health of all employees? You could even tie it into the company bonus structure with those who generate the most power receiving a higher bonus as an incentive to walk faster?

I suppose you could ask why any employee would feel inclined to ride an actual treadmill when they feel like they’re on a metaphorical one… but hey… if it improves health, creates wealth *and* saves the planet, who’s to argue??

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