Stuff to do.

Over the past few days I’ve been quietly working away on the ODPS adding in the words we received during the past year or so. I started with 200 or so and have got 119 left. Oddly most seem to have been submitted to the ‘Seedy songs and Rotten Rhymes‘ section with only a few going into the slang dictionary itself.

Not sure what this means… if anything… but it’s something to write about 🙂

Still have loads to do of course, but I bought a book to help me along. I know nothing about CSS an have forgotten most of my HTML so I figure I’d give myself a short course on both over the next week and actually do what I’ve been threatening to do for weeks… and rewrite the smaller sites.

By the way – if any of you have any idea where I can get a better program than Glossword, yet still suitable for storing the collections in… let me know. Up to now I’ve found nothing better!

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