I need software!!

Like me, I’m sure a lot of you wander around the web and come across all sorts of odd stuff. I’m looking for a specific type of software and because it’s a real niche area it’s not something that’s easy to find even by searching via Google et al.

What I want is software that will allow me to create online dictionaries… maybe a database program… or something that can handle searchable indexed lists… or something similar. Obviously it has to be ‘uploadable’ so that I can publish whatever I create on the web so that others can read it.

Preferably it would be free though I’d be more than happy to pay a nominal sum to have something worthwhile. After all, as I said, this *is* a niche product.

Currently I’m using a program called Glossword (http://glossword.info), but as good as it is, and free as it is, there are all sorts of shortcomings one being it’s sheer size and complexity! Also, and the author (Dmitry Shilnakov) seems to have abandoned development of it for over two years. There’s another one that looks good, a list compilation program by TshwaneLex (http://tshwanedje.com/tshwanelex/overview.html) but it costs in excess of 1500 euros so is way out of reach.

So… this is what I’m looking for. Please keep it a the back of your minds and if you should pass something on your meanderings… please let me know.

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