Justice is an odd bird

Last year we wrote about a little girl who was given methadone instead of cough medicine and subsequently died. At that time we not only spoke about her by name, but published a photo of her. Today a story (here) is being run in the local rag and her name is being suppressed for legal reasons.

Not being one to flout the law… mostly… we’re going along with it on the assumption this applies to all forms of media, but it raised a few questions about the point of it all.

Why was it alright to use the girls name a year ago… but not now? It makes little difference to anyone who knows the family after all… and this *is* a murder trial!

Just to add insult to injury her mothers de facto was falsely accused of murdering her and he was awarded $85,000 in compensation. There is something seriously wrong with the justice system when people can display at least some culpability in someones death yet be awarded compensation for insult when accused of it.

In this house the police found 3 litres of methadone… at the very least this guy knew it was there.

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