Modafinil blues

Went to the pharmacy to collect my new medication this morning. Turns out to be something called Modafinil which I’d never heard of before it was prescribed.

However, according to Wikipedia (see link above) it seems it is a multi-purpose drug being used to combat daytime sleepiness without producing a ‘high’… but is also being prescribed as a specific for ADD!! So… maybe the doctor has found me a magic bullet to solve some of my more exotic conditions.

Time will tell of course, it’s only been 10 mins since I took the first one and I was all bar asleep before I swallowed it. Even though based on prior experience, I still think testosterone is a more acceptable form of treatment, I’m more than willing to give this a fair crack of the whip.

I hope it works… I’d really like my life back… I’ll post updates as the days progress.

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