Where is it?

Where’s what? Where’s all my ‘get up and go’ gone?

Back twenty years I was full of vim and vitality racing around college doing this that and the other… loads of work, loads of fun. All these years down the track and I’m overweight, depressed, and bored rigid. What happened?

Can’t be too much of the ‘good life’ surely? But I suppose it is.

In times gone by we had to ‘struggle’ so I had to keep my wits about me. There was a purpose to life. Now, the wife is earning enough to keep us pretty much with a decent standard of living and I’m just drifting.

I think i need a task related goal of some sort. Not sure what… and not sure I can summon the energy to follow it through… but I need something. Maybe I ought to take a writing course and write a book? 😀

For years I had the notion I’d write a history of some the wife’s family since I’ve known them… but I figured it might be considered libelous… not to mention them not wanting their odd little ways discussed in public. Still, it’s an idea.

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