Spare a thought for Rahma.

The worlds attention has been captured by the disappearence of Madeline McCann but Australia has it’s own missing child who has received minimal publicity. Rahma el-Dennaoui went missing aged 19 months in 2005 and no trace has been found of her since. The magazine, New Idea, has posted a $20,000 reward for new leading to her recovery.
Rahma el-Dennaoui

The story says:

Rahma, one of nine children, was snatched from her bed through a window of her Sydney home at about 2am (AEDT) on November 10, 2005. She was sleeping in the bed with two of her sisters but was closest to the window. The flyscreen covering the window was cut open.

Admittedly the chances of her ever returning home are slim to nil, but at least there is *some* interest in her case.

If you have any suspicions regarding her whereabouts please contact the police.

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