Bugger Blogger and their lack of support!

I have, or rather had, a Blogger account. Oddly enough, when I visit other peoples blogs, like The Phantom’s the Blogger system recognises me as ‘skyrider’ and lets me post. However, when I try to access the blog itself it won’t accept the password!

Easy as you might think… get then to reset it and send another one. Tried that… and I end up seeing a message telling me the new password has been went to my address at mstay.com… except I have never had an address there!. What is going on is anyone’s guess. It clearly recognises me as me… yet at the same time clearly doesn’t 😀

So I went looking for help. Read the help files, went to the ‘contact us’ page… only to discover you *can’t* contact them directly but must go through a forum system. So I left a message there… only to have it deleted because I wasn’t able to log on properly… because I don’t have a password.

I tried again, and this time it recognised my main Google account address… then refused to accept my password for that too! 🙂

At that point I decided to put it all in the ‘too hard’ basket for now and gave up. I’ll try again in a year or three.

3 thoughts on “Bugger Blogger and their lack of support!

  1. I’m afraid that bitter experience leads me to say that there are probably only a couple of million other bloggers sharing your sentiments.

    Try looking on this blog for help, the guy really does know what he is on about:


    I had a *great* time migrating my blog to new zippy-do Blogger. I lost track of how many times I got locked out of my own blog!

    Still, you get what you pay for, and Blogger IS free.

    Just Impossible Sometimes.

  2. To be fair I hardly used Blogger since I updated the ODPS site… again… so it’s at least a year maybe two since I accessed it. Still, you’d think if the s/w recognised ‘me’ that it would know where it recognised me *from* 🙂

    All I really wanted to do was to update the profile etc but I may just as well use a different one.

    Actually, it was Blogger’s limitations that pushed me into WordPress to begin with. It’s handy sometimes to have that extra control control over your site.

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