Phoning my head.

As said repeatedly over the last six months… the oldies are here. I might also have mentioned that they seem to like watching programmes that drive me bananas. Things like Judge Judy, Weakest Link and Eggheads litter my evening viewing… tho that gives me an excuse to play with my new toy… this machine… so isn’t all bad.

However there are times when I want to watch or listen to things that they don’t… so when I walked up to Aldi supermarket the other day I was pleased to discover they had on sale some Tevion headphones… wireless ones! What’s more they were only $59.99. Next day I dragged the wife up and we bought two sets.

I make sure I check out the Aldi offerings each week – they very often have really good quality gear going for a song and apart from knowing what they sell actually works… which is good… there is the assurance that if anything goes wrong… they’ll replace or refund without question. I like Aldi… pity they don’t sell more foodstuff I like 🙂

Anyway. I set the headphones up last night and tried them out on my ‘Over the Hedge’ DVD. Magic. I’ll be able to spend the next however long listening to streamed music, Cd’s, DVD’s or whatever without concern I’m interrupting whatever it is the oldies are into.

Yes… all very well but why *two* sets you ask?Well the wife wants to play her new piano (did I mention the digital piano she got for Mothers Day?) and the headphones mean she can bang away as loudly as she likes without interfering with anyone… especially as she practices new unfamiliar pieces.

Works well all round I think!

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