The Big Issue

Does anyone else but me buy the Big Issue? I can’t claim to read every issue avidly, but whenever I’m passing someone selling one I’ve not read I always buy it… and of course read it! 🙂

I find it full of interesting comment on the political and social scene generally from a perspective that’s sadly become more alien to me as the years pass by. When I was a student I managed to keep my ‘finger on the pulse’ and had a fairly clear idea of the important social issues but as our level of affluence has grown I find myself distanced more and more from my roots in the working classes.

I wouldn’t say that the AUstralian version of the Big Issue is a socialist rag either… it’s nothing like, for example, Socialist Weekly which still manages to promote communist and the Marxist-Leninist perspective as if it was still a critical political philosophy… but it has its charms I think.

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