Who'd have dogs?

It’s bad enough I’m allergic to the dogs, but they compound things by being generally gross around the place.

You might be able to forgive them licking themselves in all sorts of exotic places at inappropriate times. You can even understand the constant scratching and the smells emanating from various parts of their body… including their fur!

However one of their grossest habits has to be throwing up and then re-eating the resultant mess. It’s even worse when they’ve woken you up at 4:30 on a Sunday morning retching and heaving only to then make foul slobbering noises as they repeat last nights meal.

To be honest, on the only morning of the week when I can have a lie-in I really would have prefered a more gentle awakening.

2 thoughts on “Who'd have dogs?

  1. Hi Abbey… nice to see you here! I like your website… it’s much funnier than mine! 😀

    The dog didn’t stop at just messing up the bedroom. Later that day I discovered he’d thrown up in the ‘study’ as well…. ewwww. Luckily he’s better now but I’m not sure *I* am! 🙂

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