… and even wetter!

Worst floods for 60 years in the Sydney area. Warragamba spillways releasing masses of water into the Nepean. Windsor bridge under water. Penrith in danger of floods. Suburbs under metres of water. And looks like there’s more on the way for the next few days at least. We’re safe enough here because we live in the Hills District (deliberately) so in no danger. Sad for those others who’re not so lucky! Some people, entire streets in a few cases, have no insurance and have lost their homes and possessions… including their cars! This coming hot on the heels of the Covid restrictions is causing untold hardship. Climate change is playing hell with local weather patterns. We go from heatwave and drought to floods in a matter of weeks. By the way, other parts of the country are *still* in drought!! Weird times we live in.

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