More on “dye it” etc.

Slight modification on the diet and exercise post. Much as Lite ‘n Easy do what they can to produce good quality meals with ‘variety’, their vegetarian options leave a lot to be desired. This is making it hard for the wife who is already getting bored with the meals on offer. Of course, the alternative to cook meals specifically for her still remains, but this could get me back where I started, i.e. snacking on what I’m making, so I’d rather leave that for an ’emergency’.

The ‘answer’, we think, is to go to a different company that has a full ever changing selection of veggie meals. To this end, we selected a 1200 calorie meal vegetarian plan from a different company called Dietlicious. From looking at their onsite pictures, their meals seem more than adequate, at least in terms of variety! One issue with them tho, is that if you buy from them you’d not be able to buy any snacks etc because you’d have no money lesft. The cost was almost double the cost of Lite ‘n Easy. Still, if it helps her get variety etc in her meals, and helps me stay on my diet, and helps us *both* to lose weight, then it probably is worth the extra.

Having said that it’s pushing the overall cost for the prepared meal plans *very* close to the cost of buying and preparing fresh food from scratch and if two, or all three, of us moved to them the cost would push us way over the line.!

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