The photo book.

My youngest daughter kindly bought me a book called “One Photo a Day – for 100 days”. The idea being, obviously, to add 100 photos to the book one for each day. I tried to make a start yesterday but found a problem fairly quickly. What was the problem? I found… I had no appropriate glue to stick the photos to the page! I tried with PVA glue but that wasn’t a raging success and did the first page no good at all. The picture was of our dog Benji… here it is.

Benji Boy – February 2021

Benji is a wonderful, if daft, friend. He’s around eight years old and loves life. Anyway, as good as the photo is, it needed something other than PVA glue to stick it to a page. I’m holding off pasting more until I buy something better, for example a UHU glue stick. 🙂

Edit: Bought one. 😀

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