Talking of books…

I mentioned a few days ago that one of the genres that provide my favourite authors was Science Fiction. Well carrying on from that I went out a couple of days ago with my daughter in search of a few second hand bookstores. I have a list of books in the Dune series by  Frank Herbert that I wanted and also some by Robert Heinlein, notably those ‘starring’ the character Lazarus Long.

Well the Dune series was a washout but I *did* manage to source three of the Heinlein books I wanted. Methuselah’s Children, Time Enough for Love and The Number of the Beast. The first book dates originally from 1941, but Heinlein continued with the story of Lazarus sporadically until the 1980’s so even the newest are ‘ancient’ in Sci-Fi terms. The first book is rather short, but as it works best as an introduction to the much longer second book, it’s acceptable and, despite the age and occasional anachronism, the stories stand up well in the modern era. I’m enjoying them and reminds me what treasures can be found lurking in the old book stores and Op Shops. It’s time to get out looking again and perhaps to even find some of the Dune series I’m hanging out for. 🙂

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