Interesting start to the day.

Started today off really well when I tipped half a cup of tea over my bedside table.. and the power boards I have sitting there next to my books etc. This resulted in the power going off to the sockets and house lights. I shifted the dozen or so books I have off the table, along with the usb powered devices and cables etc that also litter it and wiped it all down.

Luckily nothing was permanently damaged, except perhaps one of the power boards (still drying that so won’t know for a day or so if the residue will continue to short out the system). Regardless of all that, this post is really saying, is a huge thank you to whoever invented the trip switch. When I was young, and outage like this would have resulted in a frantic search, in darkness, for fuse wire and small screwdrivers. Now all it needs is to isolate whatever caused the switch to ‘tip’, fix the issue and turn the power back on. Either way, it’s unlikely anyone would have got a severe electric shock… which, after all, is the main concern!

I’m also thankful to whichever Australian legislator decided to insist all electricity meters etc must be situated somewhere accessible on the outside of the house!! This meant it was only a short step to reset the switches once the area was dried off. So simple. 🙂

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