So much for that

I must have fallen out of the habit of daily blogging suring the ‘enforced’ break over the holidays. Yesterday for example, the site hardly entered my thoughts except at the beginning of the day when I realised I had no time to cough let alone write.

Yet despite having my little netbook at hand all day, I managed to watch most of a film, visit the doctor, pick up one of the kids, and spend the evening at ice-skating (where I even had a *free* free wi-fi connection at Maccas where I was sitting), without considering for a second I could be wittering on about ‘stuff’.

Still it could be worse. I was reading a ‘New York Times‘ article pointed out to me by The Phantom on his blog about ‘slow blogging‘ which is supposed to reflect the new blogging process involving deeper thinking and a more laid back attitude to it all.

I think I was a leader in the field of slow blogging… tho it must be said my attitude isn’t so much a ‘laid back’ one… it’s more ‘laid down’.

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