Insanity in the UK.

The level of bizarre behaviour of institutions in the UK is getting out of hand. Soon they’ll be on a par with the lunatics in the USA.

Current in the list of oddities is the case of two grandparents who were told that they were too old to look after their grandchildren… and were then told that because they had complained to the media that their kids were instead being adopted by a gay couple they would no longer be allowed any contact with them. This of course is despite them having already adopted the youngest child, the childrens repeated insistence that they be placed with their grandparents *and* the youngest girls known and recognised fear of men! More lives ruined in the name of political correctness.

Then there is the man who has been jailed because he confronted a heroin dealer and flushed 5 bags of the drug down the toilet. It’s good to know that drug dealers can rely on the full weight of the law being imposed on people trying to do the job the police can’t or won’t do. Just for added measure he was imprisoned for two months for defending law and order whilst a Portuguese lorry driver who wiped out the lives of six people gets 3 months per life! What an indictment of the justice system??

And lastly… for today… we have Virgin Rail telling its customers they can’t give each other a goodbye kiss when they drop them off at the rail stations.

The country is going to the dogs.

2 thoughts on “Insanity in the UK.

  1. Broadly speaking I agree but the case of the drug dealer isn’t quite as straightforward as it sounds. He did break into the bloke’s home and threaten to kill him before smacking him about and then dumping the heroin down the toilet. I still have a great deal of sympathy with him but surely as soon as we descend into vigilantism the rule of common law breaks down.

    And as for Virgin Rail – have you seen some of the people kissing? They shouldn’t be let out in daylight ….

    And today Stella Rimington ex head of MI5 has suggested that the use or more to the point the government’s interpretation our anti-terrorism laws are infringing our civil liberties.

    Hmmm – gamekeeper turned poacher methinks …

  2. But how nice it would have been had the police investigated the complaints and gone and arrested the drug dealer! There is so much emphasis on building conviction rates by clearing minor crime that the larger more difficult cases are ignored.

    Stella has it right… when local councils use anti-terrorism laws to spy on their ratepayers there is something seriously wrong.

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