Happy Christmas Everyone!

We’d like to wish everyone who drops by a *very* happy Christmas and hope the New Year brings all your heart desires.

I’d especially like to thank those dedicated garbage collectors who arrived at 4:00 this morning, for making that extra effort to ensure we were all up early enough to enjoy the whole day including those wee small hours usually wasted sleeping. We’d also like to thank them for coming *back* at 5:00 just to make sure any ‘stayabeds’ knew it was time to wake up!

The gesture was made all the more generous as few of us had even expected them to come out on Christmas day so hadn’t put our bins out! 🙂

Other than that little hiccough… and the usual chaos and disasters that accompany anything we do here… it’s been a good day so far and look… it’s only 8:00 a.m.!! There’s still an entire day to go! 😀

Best wishes to everyone… let’s not forget just *why* it’s a special day and try to be nice to each other… eh??

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