And so this is Christmas…

And so this is Christmas, and what have we done?

Well today we spent the entire day outside Woolworth’s running a BBQ with other parents raising money for our Senior Guides to go to the International Jamboree in Melbourne 2010. It might seem a bit early to start fundraising for a specific event, but with out any direct sponsorship each girl will have to raise around $1,500 each to get there (and back!).

Some of the girls attempted to start a ‘sing-in’  as we’d taken along our electronic keyboard and the eldest had taken her flute, but there wasn’t a lot of support in terms of their willingness to be embarrassed singing Christmas Carols in public, so it pretty much died out quickly. Nevertheless, the ‘Appeal Tub’ which I took along and placed next to the girls managed to raise $150 so they did very well all in all.

In total though, I wouldn’t say we had a ‘stormer’ of a day despite it being so close to Xmas but we estimated making around $500 profit from teh BBQ itself which is a fair start towards our total. I’ve been trying to organise a ‘regular date’ for us to go there on alternate Saturdays. If we manage to pull this off we’d almost be laughing. We could expect to make *at least* $250 each time, which would give us in the region of $6,000 ‘Appeal Cash’ over the year! This would mean those girls and parents that participated could expect a huge subsidy for their expenses which of course is the carrot we are using to get them to participate!

Of course we *do* understand this takes a *lot* of work and of course a high cost in time for the parents. Obviously not all parents and not all girls can make it to each event and we’d somehow have to make the decision about which girls would be subsidised, and in what proportions! Still, these are questions for the future. Right now we have to get the regular berth… and I might get started on that before Xmas by ringing next week and just asking how!

Either way, today we did good. All the parents who turned up seemed pleased they’d participated. Everyone was tired, but we all agreed we’d had a laugh and we’d do it again. It could have been worse. 😀

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