Getting the sharp end of the pineapple!

Seems all Senior/High School in NSW are to get their promised laptops by the end of term two next year… all those in *public* schooling that is. For those of us funding private sector schooling… there’s nothing.

Forgive me for mentioning this… but aren’t *we* taxpayers as well? Isn’t it likely in fact that ‘we’ will be paying a far higher amount into the national/state purse than most? Don’t our kids need laptops as much as the next child? What sort of discriminatory clap-trap is it that decides one section of the population is more deserving than another for this sort of important state subsidy?

I wonder, just wonder, if it’s because the larger percentage of private school fee paying parents might be thought to be those ‘right wing Liberal’ types… i.e. not your usual ‘Labor Voter’ and so not people a Labor government in political strife might consider courting… perhaps?

Those egalitarian types who run the Labor Party machine in NSW surely wouldn’t have just decided to throw equality of of the window would they? Of course, if this *was* the case, it would leave us ‘left of centre Labor’ types somewhat miffed that our kids are to be overlooked!!

Either way, the political machinations that have produced this sort of decision making will be redressed in the next election but by then it will be too late for the rest of to get *our* pound of flesh out of Federal funding!

These ‘vote buying’ tactics are getting out of hand.

Source: NSW Students to get promised laptops

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