Vale Jo Stafford

Heard about the death of Jo Stafford at age 90 on July 16th while I was ‘off sick’ so wasn’t able to write about her at the time. However last night I was listening to a radio interview she had with an Australian DJ (Bob Rodgers) from 9 years ago or so and thought I’d add a few words.

For me the only song of note I recall from her career was Shrimp Boats which was written by her husband Paul Weston. However, one of the highlights of the ‘interview’ was the DJ playing one of her great ‘parody’ songs which she and Paul recorded as “Jonathan and Darlene Edwards“. In these recordings he played off key and way off tempo and she sang in like manner. What a riot… and how nice to hear a famous singer exercise her vocal skills like that. πŸ™‚

She seemed like a nice woman.

3 thoughts on “Vale Jo Stafford

  1. Yes – a lovely smooth mellow voice – not many hits but a consistent band singer and always a relaxing sound – enjoyed her stuff-

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