Fings ain't wot they used to be!

The old song by Joe Brown and the Bruvvers from lord knows when came to mind this afternoon when I downloaded and installed a new media player for my laptop. As part of it’s installation routine it went off and rummaged through the hard disk to unearth anything it thought I might like to play.

One set of songs it unearthed were a dozen or so by Rudy Vallee. I must have copied them from a CD sometime last year to play when the oldies returned but forgot all about them… until now!

Just for fun I let them play and an interesting bunch they are ranging from “Heigh-Ho Everybody Heigh-ho” to “Let’s Do It”. Good stuff, even if it’s a little off the regular track even for my extended and somewhat catholic tastes in music.

Rudy Valle died aged 84 on July 3rd 1986 after a career that spanned the period from before electric microphones to modern multi track recording.

2 thoughts on “Fings ain't wot they used to be!

  1. Switched on the telly and they were playing Rudy Vallee singing Lover come back to me – accompanied by the Connecticut Yankees – talk about coincidences- he was acknowledged to be the first crooner but at that stage the band was considered to be the most important part of the record with massive arrangements – it was only when Bing Crosby broke away from the Dixielanders that the singer became the seller of the records – anyway – what a coincidence

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