Singing Budgie bans big birthday bash.

On the subject of ‘entertainers’, we’d like to say happy birthday to Australian singer Kylie Minogue (a.k.a. the singing budgie) who has reached the ripe old age of 40. Bearing in mind the scare she had recently with developing breast cancer she will no doubt be relieved that she reached this anniversary without further problems. However instead of the huge birthday party friends had been expecting she’d lay, on she’s opted for a relatively small scale party with close friends and family.

Kylie Minogue NudeAdmittedly she isn’t my favourite singer and since she sang ‘Locomotion’ and ‘I should be so lucky’ back in 1987 I’ve never really followed her career which amazingly has flourished for all these years!

Actually bearing mind her it was her sister Danni who was the early bloomer it was surprising how easily she seemed to morph and develop herself into a a fully-fledged entertainer. Perhaps it was the ‘fresh faced girl next door’ image she promoted during her time as an actress in the Neighbours soapie that endeared her to the UK public.

Whatever the reasons, she’s lasted twenty five years in a business that has seen the stars of one hit wonders shine and dim to nothing.

She seems nice enough person so good luck to her… happy 40th Kylie.

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