Burley Shirley treated early!

News today that Dame Shirley Bassey is in hospital recovering from emergency surgery after experiencing stomach pains. Details are sketchy, obviously, but there is no suggestion at present that the 71 year old singing legend will not recover quickly.

Shirley Bassey - young and mature

Shirley Bassey has been one of the UK’s best loved entertainers for the last half century with a string of hits and amassing sales topping 100 million records!! Her distinctive voice, coupled with an irreverent attitude in which she displays the ability to almost mock her own somewhat theatrical performance style has endeared her to audiences worldwide.

We wish her a speedy recovery to full health.

3 thoughts on “Burley Shirley treated early!

  1. the hardest blow was when her daughter committed suicide by jumping off the Severn Bridger – she was distraught- so you can see that yes, she has lived and loved, but whens she sings, its from the heart- shes great – a winner

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