What shape is this?

Shape? Currently my Broadband Connection from Telstra is ‘shaped’ to 64 kp/s down from 4.5Mb/s… this is *slow*. Using the net for the next few days is going to resemble jogging through treacle – Working hard and getting nowhere!!!

I’m quite seriously re-considering asking the wife if I can sign up to Virgin Mobile Broadband which gives you a 5 Gb allowance for $40/month. At the least I could then take the laptop to the library with me (as per plan to help me lose weight) and continue to work from there.

I’ll have a mutter in her ear tonight and see what she thinks. Shouldn’t that be *hear* what she thinks? Nope… I can’t hear *or* see how she thinks. I might just hear her opinion tho… gawd… shutup Chris. 😀

Anyway, for now my connection is dire at best… useless at worst. Plan renewal date is 25th… the waiting will be hard.

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