More rubbish about rubbish.

Despite my complaints about UK rag, The Daily Mail in the last post, I *did* read several of the stories. One that caught my eye was yet another story about the bizarre garbage collection laws currently being enforced in draconian style by kerbside Nazis.

In this particular case a 22 year old woman has been fined £265 for putting her bins out a day early. She no doubt now has a criminal record that she will have to declare when she applies for a job or passport etc and could well be counted against her in many areas of her life.

The sheer idiocy of these regulations is highlighted by a case in which a 73 year old man has found that his garden waste bins will no longer be emptied because he put cabbage stalks in his. The local Nazis decided these counted as ‘kitchen waste’ and not ‘garden waste’. I wonder how they determined that the stalks hadn’t come from his garden?? Actually this is similar to yet another case the article reports where the bins of a partially sighted 95 year old man were deemed unsuitable for collection because he’d accidentally put a ketchup bottle and empty coffee jar in the wrong bin. What a compassionate country the UK has become when they are comfortable to turn on old soldiers for something so trivial?

Whilst I understand the concerns about yobbo’s setting the bins alight, and the need to make sure ‘recycling’ can be carried out efficiently the imposition of these laws and fines is reducing the country to a laughing stock around the world.

Surely someone somewhere can rein in the insanity? Perhaps the old “Keep Britain Tidy” campaign could be resurrected?? Anything would be better than this ongoing idiocy.

In the meantime of course, young Zoe Watmough has to find money she hasn’t got, to pay Bolton Council a fine that should never have been imposed.

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