Lily Allen – again?

I see Little Lily Allen is back in the news and not for her singing. Yet again the silly girl has given the photographers a field day by (unintentionally?) letting them take photos of her ‘going commando’, i.e. sans underwear. Stripping her top off in a pool was one thing. In these new shots she’s having what you might call a ‘Britney Spears’ moment. 🙂

As nice looking as she is, she’s rapidly getting a reputation in the same league as Britney Spears… and that ain’t good!

Lily Allen looking 'happy.Ok she’s 25, just lost a child and a boyfriend in rapid succession and must be hurting inside, but it seems she’s going to pieces so fast it’s only a matter of time before someone gets hurt by the shrapnel! It’s sad enough when it’s done ‘in private’ but when it’s done in the full glare of the media spotlight someone needs to step in to provide protection. In this case her father was there with her but seemed unable to help.

I think she’s drop dead gorgeous fully dressed or not, and it might be she’s just having fun… in which case good on her. Trouble is if it’s all a cover for something more serious going on in her head then she might well look back on these photos with acute embarrassment.

And no I’m not going to publish them here… or the url where I saw them. If you’re than interested I’m sure you’ll be able to find them easily enough.

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