A bridge too far?

The forum bridge to the gallery seems to be causing trouble so I’m thinking maybe we remove it and if there are a few photos we want to show each other but not the world, we upload them directly to the forum instead?

So what I’m considering is this. Currently if you go to the main site you get a bare directory list. You have to click on a directory to get to the site you want to visit (gallery or forum). I can make everyone who visits the main site go to the forum directory first and have to log in. That way the gallery site becomes invisible to anyone who doesn’t know it’s there.

The gallery *will* still be available if you access it directly, as we all can, but casual visitors won’t find it as easily.

So, I’ll take off the bridge to the forum so access will be ‘as before’, and make a file to force visitors to try log into the site if they don’t know where the gallery is.

Since it’s easier to do all this than to explain I’ll go do it and if there are problems let me know. 🙂


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