Burmese disaster.

Yet again a totalitarian regime finds itself unable to relax its hold on it’s population even in the face of imminent disaster. It happened in North Korea, and it’s happening again with the effects of the recent cyclone escalating daily.

Despite a massive international aid operation backed to the hilt by the United Nations waiting to swing into action the military Junta are still trying to pretend they have a grip on the situation while their people suffer.

Surely there had to be a time when the United Nations has to step up and act for the people it represents and simply *[b]do[/b]* something? Why don’t they simply move in and carry out food drops etc  regardless of the Junta and if there is any military response… treat it as an act of war and move in in force?

There are times when the worlds politicos need to bite the bullet and act for the small people and not the rich. NATO went into Bosnia et al for ‘humanitarian reasons’… why not move into Burma?

There are reports that yet another cyclone is imminent in the area which would devastate even more of the country was it to hit. Action needs to be taken now not in some nebulous future.

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