Updated one of my pages…

I thought it was about time to add in a photo of yours truly to light up your life. This particular photo was taken this morning and shows me in all my glory… ah what a handsome creature I am eh?? 🙂

Welsh Dog in May 2008Just to make sure posterity is able to find me at any time I copied the picture into the ‘About Me’ page as well… ahhh… no wonder women fall at my feet, they faint!

Tells ya… even the computer rebelled when I tried to publish the photo. Took me four tries before it finally left my desk and I’m not sure it was too pleased about it even after it had gone!!

Come to that – when the wife went to look she couldn’t see it at all. Clearly she has a blind spot when it comes to me and aren’t I lucky for that?? 😀

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