Just fiddling.

You may have noticed a few changes on the sidebars, for example more adverts and a couple of new boxes dotted about.

Nothing to worry about, just adjusting the ‘selling’ side in case someone decides an advert is attractive and clicks to find out more. Of course the more clicks the more ‘return’ I get as well so it’s in my best interests to make sure you see what interests you both on the site and on the ads.

With that in mind I’ll stop rambling and let you get on with it… reading that is, not clicking… tho feel free to click the ads if you want to… especially the Google ones.

5 thoughts on “Just fiddling.

  1. How interesting – apart from !My Stumbles” no adverts at all – is this non-activity designed to persuade the little grey cells to ask a question, or is it some machiavellian plot to set out deliberately to convince the more senile of your readers that it is time to relinquish the gin and tonic for breakfast

  2. You see *no* adverts at all? That’s weird!

    There should be an ‘Emailcash’ banner… followed by Google some ads… followed by some for Amazon… and you see none of them! You must have a really good ad blocker in action! 🙂

    I see them on all the computers and in all the different browsers as well.

  3. It must be a senilitic conspiracy – they waz here yesterday – we’ve been robbed!
    ps- whats an ad blocker – didnt know I had one – cunningly concealed no doubt?

  4. These adverts show up on every page… they are on the far right… a column of them! 🙂

    Hmmm… an ad blocker just does that… blocks adverts! There might be one in your browser, or in your virus checking software or… ?? 🙂

  5. Also, the site RSS feed doesn’t work when ‘comments’ or ‘replies’ are added to the blog (not sure if it’s supposed to as i’ve only just started using them, but it might make life slightly easier..?).

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