Clocks went back.

We’ve now finally sorted daylight saving out and the clocks should be telling us the correct time for the next few months… unless the NSW government decided again (in their wisdom) to adjust the start and finish times.

Luckily for is the clocks went back… we sat and watched the whole of the final Prime Suspect last night and brilliant it was! Dame Helen really made Tennison come alive… and her ‘opposite number’ Laura Greenwood was quite wonderful… not least because Laura actually *was* 14 when this was made, the same age as the character. What I personally found strange was that I recognised this girl and have been racking my brain trying to remember where from… even tho after looking up her profile on Wikipedia it turns out I’ve never seen anything else she’s performed in.

Prime Suspect 2006 - Helen Mirren, Laura Greenwood.jpg

Obviously she reminds me strongly of someone else… but right now I have no idea who that someone might be. Doesn’t matter tho, her acting as a foil for Helen Mirren was superb and their exchanges alone made the entire program well worth viewing.

The wife is now suggesting we go out and source some of the earlier episodes to let us compare and contrast the earlier incarnations of the Tennison character with the last… that’ll keep me busy for a little while! 🙂

Anyway, while this has little to do with the topic of the clocks going back, it did at least fill out a paragraph or three 😀

And now we’re off to the library to return books… and look for more! 🙂

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