I need a hint!

Was watering this morning around the little orange tree, and saw this little beastie.

CaterpillarYet again I have not the slightest idea what sort it is. If you have a clue… please let me know? All I know about the thing is that it is slowly stripping the leaves off the tree. The tree doesn’t have many to begin with as it’s sitting in a pot and was looking a little forlorn already, now it’s looking positively ‘strappy’.

The options are pretty limited, for example I *could* try moving the caterpillar to the lemon tree… assuming all citrus trees are the same to a caterpillar. Or I could just squish it. Or I could just leave it alone and let nature sort it all out. Of the three options I figure the last one is the better so it’s still sitting there, waiting for what I don’t know, but it is just the same.

By the way, this was the first photo I took with the cheap 5 mega-pixel camera I bought in Aldi. Not a brilliant piece of equipment all in all, not a brilliant picture either really… but I think both will do me well enough for now! 🙂

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