The Skater & her Dad?

Was considering making up yet another blog called something like ‘The Skater & her Dad’ and load stuff onto and into it that is related to figure skating… and *more* importantly the youngest daughters development as a skater (if any) and of course pictures of her!! 🙂

I’ll not be creating a link to it from here… or anywhere else for that matter. It’ll be ‘public’ of course, but until she’s 18 years old or so… the only people who’ll *know* where it is and be sent the url and those who might have a reason to see it. 🙂

If you want the url you’ll have to email me and ask! 🙂

The thing will be ‘active’ in a few days but like all things on the web will take a while to establish itself and have pictures etc loaded up.

One thought on “The Skater & her Dad?

  1. Of course my sister saw this seconds after I’d written it and sent an email asking for the url!

    Unfortunately I’ve not even set it up yet so I think she (and everyone else who is waiting) will have to wait a day or so longer if that’s ok? 🙂

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