And… we're off (again)!

Went to the gym… got weighed (again)… had my photo taken (again)… listened to the motivational talks (again)… and came home (again), and so here we go on the Hills Biggest Loser Competition (again). šŸ™‚

The wife came along this time to give me a little ‘moral support’ which was really nice… especially as she’s promised to do the same as last time and take over the cooking while I concentrate on working off the excess poundage!

Talking of ‘poundage’, I unfortunately (?) weighed in at 129.8 kilos… tho I *had* just drunk a few glasses of water and eaten my morning ‘breakfast bar’, a high protein low carb concoction so it isn’t quite as bad as it looks. Well ok it *is* as bad as it looks… I clearly need to lose 30 kilos minimum, if I lose anything I’ll be happy… but *if * I could lose more I’d be even happier.

As far as the competition itself is concerned it looks like we might be in with a chance of winning something. There were only three guys there at the weigh in, and there are three prizes for men! If I can hold it together we could do well.

So… the whistle has blown… and we’re off!!!

…. (again)

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