Get up in de morning…

Zoomed off yesterday to get the  youngest to her skating lesson… gosh I *love* to get up at 5:00 a.m. on a Good Friday morning to drive 40 minutes just to sit in a freezing ice rink for two hours. Obviously my greatest desire came true! Still, we were back by 9:00 having made a detour to give the ‘number 5’ skater in Oz a lift back to his digs. Despite claims to the contrary… I still think we’re basically nice people! 🙂

When I got back, the wife took over and… because our pool is currently out of service… took both our kids and two of their friends to a local ‘wave pool’ where they (the kids) stayed swimming… and eating…  for 4 hours! Me? I caught up on my sleep.

Sadly when she came back the wife had ‘done something’ to her back, lord knows what right now but she’s probably strained a muscle or two. She managed that by trying to get through some work she’d brought home and wanted to finish… whilst sitting hunched over a table at the pool!! By the time the evening came she was almost immobile. She took some paracetamol and Naproxin which eased it a little and then rubbed some ‘ice gel’ into her back to see if it would help.

Well she slept… but this morning it’s no better, in fact probably worse. We’ve tried the tablets again and added in a heat pack, but it isn’t working. Because it’s a holiday period, the local doctors aren’t available. Also, it doesn’t seem to be something to take to Casualty because they will almost certainly just tell us to carry on doing exactly what we’ve *been* doing! So until we *can* take her to a doctor (probably Tuesday) the next step will be have to be taking stronger painkillers, which we’ll try in an hour or so. I have some Codapane Forte here, which has 30mg Codeine in each tablet that’ll soon be on the menu!

And if *they* don’t work… I think we’ll just have to wait it out. We *do* have stronger stuff but I think it’d be wise to wait until she sees a doctor before taking them. Just in case. Makes a mess of Easter… but we’ll work through it. We usually do. 🙂

We asked friends over for Sunday so rang them to explain the pool wasn’t working, the wife had hurt her back… and because the weather wasn’t too good wondered if they’d prefer to take a raincheck for now. Good job we rang because I think we had our wires crossed… as if *that’s* something new as well! 🙂

Seems whilst *we* thought they were coming around 3:00 p.m.  and staying for the afternoon/evening…*they* thought they were coming mid-morning, and staying for lunch! Well of this might have still worked had it not been for the fact that I’d not put the turkey on to cook until 9:00 a.m. and wasn’t expecting it to be ready to eat until 3:00 p.m. at the earliest!

Anyway, now we’re not sure what’s going on other that they are coming over to drop off the kids Easter eggs and (pick up ours for their kids). We *do* have more than enough to eat because I’d also bought a small shoulder of ham which I’ve baked… but… ah well … it’s just our typical chaos. 😀

I’m still hoping to get into the garage to start making an impact in there, but things being the way they are I might have to wait until tomorrow. We’ll see.

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