And then the rain came!

The Indian Summer has stalled after all. The promised storms didn’t eventuate it’s true, but it *has* been gently raining for an hour or so and the temperature has finally dropped to 24ºC.

Basically it’s ‘bank holiday weather’ in true UK Style! 🙂

Made no difference to us tho, we have been hard at work most of the day and having fun. It’s nice to be home with family around and still get stuff done. We’ve got three more days ahead… it’s a time to relax and recuperate…. especially for the wife.

Of course… the daughter still has the friend coming for the sleepover… and we have our own friends coming for Easter lunch… so it won’t be all wine and roses. However, as long as the turkey is moist and the salads are crisp… we’ll cope!:)

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