Yet more Endoxyla Magnifica?

While I was working away by myself around the pool, I noticed what looked like the head of a large cockroach poking out of a hole in a small bush. On closer examination I couldn’t make out *what* it was but (stupidly I suppose) I reached out to pull it. As I did it slowly emerged… and just kept coming! What I’d found was this…

Giant Pupae

While I admit it looks disturbingly similar to something a dog might leave behind, it is in face the pupa case of a large insect. So large is it that it could well be the pupa of the giant moth we were discussing a few weeks ago, Endoxyla Magnifica!!

It would be the height of irony if this was the case the moth had emerged from, before being carried on a 20 minute journey to a train station… only to be hit by a car, collected and brought back to the garden where it emerged! Ok it might seem far fetched… but I’ve seen neither a pupa this size before, nor a moth of this sort. Seems a bit too coincidental for my small brain. 🙂

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