And now for something completely different.

Moving along from the weekend’s unpleasantness, there were a few ‘high’ points. For example the wildlife found in the garden is as interesting as ever it was. The ‘fat lady‘ is still hanging about at the front of the house, spinning her webs and getting us all sticky when we back into them accidentally. But there is a lot more. The baby skinks are everywhere… though the cat does her part, trying to reduce their numbers as fast as they increase. Of course apart from the cat the poor things have to run the gauntlet of kookaburra’s, magpies, Indian mynah’s and the like who think a wriggling lizard is a real treat! Actually, I’m surprised there are any left!! 🙂

I took a few snaps of the things I found, as you do, but the camera I have really isn’t up to taking close-ups (yet another hint? :)) so sadly most ended up blurry and out of focus.

The two that are worth uploading are this one of a spider…

Spider on Brush

… and this one of a frog which sadly managed to fall into the swimming pool. It’s a shame it wasn’t found before the chlorine killed it.

Frog from Pool

Trouble is I have no idea what label should be attached to either of these animals other than the generic ‘spider’ or frog’. If anyone can identify them for me I’d really appreciate it.

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