And the doctor said…

Got to the docs at 2:00 p.m. and he had a look at the foot, knee and hip. I walked away with yet more antibiotics. This time I have Cephalexin 500 Mg to take twice a day. The fact he gave me a repeat prescription didn’t fill me with confidence, but there ya go. As an aside, it’s such a shame the hospital took a week to realise there was a problem with the toe. Had the broken bone and damage to the nail bed been spotted immediately I could have had it fixed there and then and maybe avoided the infection that in the bone. Still, such is life, no point going over it, it’s just one more annoyance I’ll set down to the jinx. 😦

Anyway, the doctor moved on to the more permanent issues, not least that I was experiencing what felt like a ‘groin strain’. He checked.

Seems I can now add a groin strain to my woes. πŸ™‚

Actually what he said was pretty much what I already knew but reinforced it with instructions I don’t really like. To sum up be pretty much said regardless how much it hurts… I have to simply stop limping! Of course my response was I’m limping because it hurts… which he countered by saying it’s hurting because you limp! πŸ˜€

Essentially, as I sort of said myself in here the other day, my spine has problems that can’t easily be resolved. Those are making my hip feel as if it hurts and when I walk I tend to ‘swing’ my right leg out to avoid that ‘twinge’. This (and the excess weight) has resulted in my *knee* also sustaining damage. Now this was going on even before the problem with the toe started but having damaged it, the effects are even *more* compounded to the extent it is now causing me to find it difficult to walk properly!

The current pain in the groin is similar. he says, to something experienced by people who’ve just taken up horse riding where the muscles and tendons they rarely use much or stretch, become sore from holding on to the horse!

His solution is simple – stop limping! He accepts it *will* hurt like hell for a while and suggests taking it slowly over a few days to get the body used to it. I have to concentrate on walking ‘normally’ and just ‘accept’ the pain. The alternative is months of physio down the track… or worse.

Since seeing him I’ve been trying to focus on walking properly, and though I forget quite often, I’m getting there. I don’t suppose this will help the scoliosis but who knows.

I’m back to the docs on Thurs. More blood tests. This one to check my testosterone levels. I’ve been there so often these past months I’m beginning to wonder if I ought to ask make a ‘block appointment’ for, say every Tuesday morning? πŸ˜€

It does get tedious.

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