Things ain't what they used to be.

The title refers to *me* actually… I just can’t do what I used to do even a few short months ago. The pain in my hip/back/groin/or wherever really *has* got worse and if this keeps up I’m going to be applying for a disability badge to help me when I park!

Of it isn’t quite that bad yet, but it’s not pleasant. After my morning walk, which took and hour or so, I managed to get to the gym. However, instead of my usual hour with the treadmill at full elevation and walking at 6.0 kph+ after 30 mins I was forced to stop… and for some of *that* I was walking at half the maximum height at 3 kph. This isn’t good and will need some investigation.

Is it simply because I’m no longer able to… has the back deteriorated still further… is there something *else* wrong with it? Is this related to the damage to my toe? Who knows. I’ll bet the GP won’t have much of a clue either.

Anyway, after abandoning the gym I went shopping and managed to get around the supermarket with the help of the trolley so I suppose I had a fairly good work out all in all. Even so, it’s a bit of a concern.

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